Online Pre-Ordering - How To

We've made most of our delicious treats available for pre-order online. Here's a list of everything you need to know to make it easy-peasy!

*Disclaimer: this is a pretty lengthy post but worth reading through to make online ordering a breeze! ☺


1) Allow for enough advanced notice - especially for custom designs

All our delicious creations take time to finish because we make everything from scratch with fresh ingredients daily. We also pride ourselves in the quality and taste of our products. As the design gets more intricate and more complicated, the length of notice required increases. This allows us to order supplies ahead of time and to roster our staff accordingly to ensure each order is allotted enough time and talent.

Here's a quick list of days' notice required for each product type:

 * Cupcakes: (mini or large): 2 days for standard flavours and design (e.g.  sprinkles, custom-coloured icing)

   5 days for custom designs such as embossed fondant plaques or edible prints

 * Macarons: 2 days for both standard flavours and custom-colours

 * Biscuits: 6 days' notice for most designs online or custom

   *Point Cook store has a biscuit wall with random designs you can choose from and purchase on the day

 * Cake Pops: 6 days' notice for designs available online or custom ones

 * Dessert Cakes: 4 days' notice

 * Speciality or Custom Cakes: 7 days' notice for standard toppers or no topper and basic/simple designs

 10 days' notice if with custom topper or intricate designs  2 week's notice   minimum for wedding cakes

All our online products are tagged with the days' notice required. Just scroll down on each product page so you can be guided accordingly.


2) Take your time to browse through our online gallery for design ideas

*Google and Pinterest provide lots of gorgeous and unique ideas for desserts too

We know your time is valuable that's why we've endeavoured to update our website with most of our products. You can browse through them at your own time and once you've decided, go straight ahead to pre-ordering online.

View our Online Collection

If you have a different custom design in mind or want to change details on any of our online designs, just fill out our Custom Order Enquiry Form and we'll respond to you via email as soon as possible! You can even upload a photo of the design you are after.


3) Once you've decided on a what product and design you're going with...

Proceed to that specific product page and fill-out or select customisable options per your preference. Most items will let you choose serving size, flavours, colours, topper or cake board writing, and even add order notes. 

Once you're done selecting and filling out custom details, just click 'Add to Cart' and you will be taken straight to your Shopping Cart. 

If you've filled out the Custom Order Enquiry Form, an online team member will reach out to you via email to confirm necessary details and assist you with a quote and completing the ordering process.


4) Check-out --- Pick-Up or Delivery

You can pick-up for free from our Point Cook store (or any of the pop-up kiosks open at the time of your order). 

We also deliver within the Melbourne area. Pricing is km-based from our Point Cook store. Just choose 'Local Delivery' and enter the postcode. You can then select the date and delivery window. Next step will allow you to enter complete delivery address where the system will automatically compute for the delivery fee.

*Note that there is a $1 WEDNESDAY Delivery option as well. This applies to all Wednesday deliveries that are within 40km of our Point Cook store. Delivery will be anytime between 8am to 5pm (we will decide on time depending on traffic and other deliveries scheduled for the day)

If you're picking up, you will also be directed to the Contact Information page which also asks for a delivery address. Ideally the system will automatically fill this out with the address of the pick-up location you selected. If not, try entering our shop address. If you're still having issues, please reach out to us via our FB page or email at


5) Payment Method

Once everything is confirmed, last step will be to submit payment via credit card or POLi bank transfer.

If you've filled out the Custom Order Enquiry Form, you will be sent a manual draft invoice with payment instructions by one of our online staff (after confirming all pertinent details).

Just key in your details and once payment is successful you will receive either an sms or an email confirmation of your order. If you would like a copy of the invoice, just enter your email address as the contact information instead of a mobile number. 

And that's it. Our awesome team will make sure your order is ready for pick-up or delivery on the date required.

Remember, you can always reach out to us for help at or on our Facebook page.


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