5 Inch Mini- Halloween Spiders Web Cake
Creep everyone out with this frightening eyeball and cobweb covered cake! This 5 inch round x 4 inch high mini cake is your choice of either vanilla or chocolate base, covered in grey buttercream and stringy marshmallow cobwebs, topped with freaky edible...
Halloween Spooky Mini Cupcakes - 12 pack
Enjoy a box of 12 mini cupcakes, half chocolate and half vanilla, iced with coloured, vanilla icing. Half of the cupcakes are covered sprinkles and half with edible prints to match the halloween theme. These are set designed boxes, with...
5 Inch Mini- Hocus Pocus Halloween Cake
Calling all halloween lovers, this ones for you! Featuring your choice of vanilla or chocolate base, this 5 inch round x 4 inch high mini cake is covered in bright green and black buttercream, drizzled in sprinkles and spooky, scary...
5 Inch Mini- Trick or Treat Halloween Cake
Inspired by the halloween classic "Candy Corn" lolly, this 5 inch round x 4 inch high mini cake is all the sugar you need for Halloween. Featuring your choice of a chocolate or vanilla base, coated in spine-tingling orange and yellow buttercream...
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Halloween Cookies 3 Pack
Happy Halloween! This Cookie pack features 3 spooky themed vanilla cookies topped in fondant and halloween themed sprinkles. Each cookie is bagged separately, then placed in the box for freshness. These cookies are available for delivery, they go perfectly with...
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Halloween Cake Pops
Happy Halloween! This Cake Pop pack features 3 chocolate flavoured cake pops covered in grey coloured white chocolate and drizzled in halloween themed sprinkles. These cake pops are available for delivery, they go perfectly with our Halloween Cookie 3 Pack,...
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