Speciality Cakes 101


1) What is a speciality cake?

Any type of cake that goes above regular cake work is a custom or speciality cake. This may include handmade fondant details, fresh or icing flowers, hand-painted elements or any special detail that is not usually found on a traditional celebration cake. Options to choose fondant or buttercream colours, kinds of flowers, flavours and toppers also contribute to a personalised speciality cake. 

2) Why order one and not a store-bought ready-made cake? 

Because it's much more special, personal and the possibilities are endless!

Sure it will cost more, but the memories that come with a beautiful well-thought out cake far outlive the cake itself! It's so much more than just writing a person's name on it and no two cakes are exactly the same. The little details that celebrate that special person (or couple) truly make the occasion memorable for everyone present.

It is guaranteed to taste and look better as it is a labour of love with hours spent making it, compared to mass-produced ready-made cakes sold at a much cheaper price. 

3) How much does a speciality cake cost?

Depending on serving size, medium (fondant or buttercream), and personalised details, speciality cakes vary greatly in price. For our smallest classic semi-naked buttercream cake, price starts at $70. We have made our online collection as extensive as possible (and constantly being updated), to help you decide on the cake that best suits your style, serving size requirement or budget.

View our Speciality Cakes Collection

4) Why do I need to pay deposit before locking my order in?

There is a lot that goes into making a custom speciality cake - from ordering materials, to completing hand-made/hand-cut elements, to scheduling staff and other orders. A deposit is our guarantee that we have an agreement to proceed with the order. This will allow us to take steps to ensure your order is completed in the highest standard and in a timely manner. 

5) Why is there a minimum notice required for speciality cakes?

Our speciality cakes take time to finish due to the intricate handmade details that usually come with them. We want to make sure that the finished product meets your expectations. Advanced notice also allows us to roster our bakers to ensure time and talent are distributed accordingly.

We require a minimum of 7 days' notice (without custom topper) and that means your order has been placed, confirmed and deposit has been made a week prior to your pick-up/delivery date. We may accept last-minute orders depending on kitchen availability so no guarantees.

Always better to plan way ahead of time especially for extremely important occasions like a birthday or a wedding. 

5) How do I order a speciality cake?

Once you have an idea of the cake design you are after, just fill out the online form below:

Custom Order Enquiry Form

A member of our team will reply to you via email. If you're still unsure where to begin, just fill out the form with what you have (date needed, serving size, budget, etc) and we'll be happy to discuss options with you.

You can also stop by our stores to look at our cakes on display and have a chat with our friendly store staff. This is also your chance to taste our mini cupcakes which will give you a general idea of our cake flavours, and decide which one is your favourite :-) 






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