Mixed Box of Mini Cupcakes
Create your own mix of your favourite Mini Cupcakes! Select your flavours and pickup from your most loved store. Our Signature Mini Cupcakes receive amazing feedback every day, they are known to be moist and delicious! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings,...
from $13.00
Mixed Box of Macarons
Create your own mix of your favourite Macarons! Select your flavours and pickup from your most loved store. Our Macarons, sometimes mis-spelt as Macaroons are made fresh in our Point Cook Flagship Store! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, or any party...
from $13.00
Custom Colour Mini Cupcakes
Create your perfect mini cupcakes with customised icing colours to match your special event's theme! Add gold or silver flakes for that extra special touch  Mini cupcake flavours available in chocolate mud or vanilla. Click here to order a mixed flavours...
from $24.00
'Happy Birthday' Cupcake Topper
Make your cupcakes even more special with these cute Happy Birthday cupcake toppers! Comes in silver and gold Cupcake Topper only - Does not include any cupcakes! Roughly the size of a 50 cent coin
Gluten Free & Vegan 'Chocolate Raspberry' Mini Cupcakes
This delicious gluten free and completely dairy free mini cupcake is one to impress. Whilst it is also egg and nut free, it is a tangy and fresh tasting mini cupcake. A chocolate base, filled with homemade tangy raspberry sauce,...
from $9.00
Gluten Free & Vegan 'Chocolate Coconut' Mini Cupcakes
This mini cupcake is a true coconut delight. Starting with a gluten free chocolate/coconut cupcake, topped with a dairy free coconut flavoured icing. Whilst this mini cupcake is gluten free, nut free and completely dairy free, it is definitely not...
from $9.00
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