Mini Cupcakes with Fondant Baby Footprints
Celebrate your little bundle of joy with these mini cupcakes with fondant baby footprints. Just so adorably cute! Upgrade to silver or gold to make them even more special... Mini cupcake flavours available in chocolate mud or vanilla.  Click here...
from $45.00
Baby Blue and Pink Meringue Kisses Watercolour Buttercream Speciality Cake
Such a sweet colour combo of pastel pink, baby blue and white! Completed with layers of creamy vanilla buttercream iced in pink and blue watercolour buttercream. Topped with a white chocolate drip, icing swirls, fresh macarons and crushed meringue kisses. Finished...
from $184.00
3D Fondant Pastel Rainbow Colourful Buttercream Speciality Cake
A super pretty rainbow cake in lovely pastel colours! Made with layers of our moist mud cake with fresh buttercream in between. Topped off with a delicious chocolate drip and handpiped icing swirls. Finished off with the multi-coloured sprinkles and...
from $175.00
Flamingo Fancy Speciality Cake
Who doesn't love a bit of pink flair with this Flamingo Fancy Speciality Cake. This vibrant cake is completed with layers of creamy buttercream filling with pink rosette icing topped with a handmade fondant flamingo.  Perfect for birthdays and baby...
from $150.00
Watercolour and Caramel Drip 2-Tier Speciality Cake
Classic and colourful - this 2-tier watercolour buttercream cake is sure to impress! This rich cake is completed with layers of creamy buttercream filling, with artful pink and purple watercolour, with scattered gold flakes and finished off with a caramel drip....
from $325.00
Baby Elephant Pink Smooth Buttercream Speciality Cake
An adorable baby elephant cake which is sure to excite your little ones! Made with layers of creamy buttercream filling with a smooth pink buttercream finish. Decorated with fondant polka dots, fondant plaque with custom writing and the cutest 3d fondant...
from $195.00
Fabulous Flamingo Pink and Yellow Watercolour Buttercream Double Height Speciality Cake
Beautiful and unique! This stunning cake has multi-layers of creamy vanilla buttercream iced in a textured watercolour effect. Topped off with fluffy hand-piped icing and colourful sprinkles, and of course, a lovely pink flamingo on top. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers or...
from $235.00
Baby Blue Bear Fondant Speciality Cake
 Another great baby-themed cake! Perfect for a baby shower, gender reveal or even a birthday. Customise colours to suit your special event.  Made with layers of moist mud cake and delicious buttercream filling. Covered in quilted fondant with small fondant...
from $295.00
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